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Technorati Explore & Feedburner FeedFlare : Blog News

Technorati Explore & Feedburner FeedFlare : Blog News

Technorati Explore & Feedburner FeedFlare : Blog News

Colbert Low has the low-down on Technorati’s new hot topic search engine, Technorati Explore. Colbert posts on the Blog Search Engine : “Straight from Technorati’s Kitchen is Explore that tracks what’s hot in blogs on specific topics right now. I had a look and when I typed in “gadget”, the searches were more relevant than those you would find on the main Technorati page. And its way much better than Google BlogSearch”

“It’s hard to find things on Google based on time,” said David Sifry. “It doesn’t understand time.” Explore is Technorati’s experiment in delivering content that is timely as well as relevant to the topic.

In other blog related news, FeedBurner today launched FeedFlare, which offers an integrated suite of Web services meta-data and actions related to the content items, such as a live display of the most popular tags for the item, an ability to email or save the item to a social bookmarking service, and more.

Any FeedBurner publisher who activates the FeedFlare service gains the flexibility to include associated actions with a content item wherever it is displayed: in an RSS aggregator, on the originating Web page, or in an email, creating a common thread that ties all the different consumption experiences together in a consistent way. This live thread gives publishers a virtual Content Management System, an independent means of adding instant community and actions to a feed, Web site or blog.

“FeedFlare builds interactivity and ‘life’ into content wherever it is consumed,” said Eric Lunt, co-founder and CTO of FeedBurner. “The new service gives subscribers a broader perspective on the world of information and enables publishers to promote and distribute information across multiple channels in new and exciting ways.”

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Technorati Explore & Feedburner FeedFlare : Blog News

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