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Technorati and Newsweek Partner for Blog Roundup – Yeehaw!

Technorati and Newsweek Partner for Blog Roundup – Yeehaw!

Technorati and Newsweek are now working together to bring blog posts and links to relevant blog stories into the website. The partnership centers around the Newsweek Blog Roundup which will be shown on all pages. According to Dave Sifry, the “widget” will act just like a “most viewed articles” tool, however, will ininstead bring notice to the amount of bloggers linking to particular Newsweek stories.

Dave Sifry writes “[Blog Roundup] shows the top 10 Newsweek stories generating the most discussion on weblogs within the past 7 days. You can see it on the Newsweek homepage and on each of the article pages, simply scroll down a bit and look on the right hand side.”

Sifry continues “Newsweek has launched a section covering the conversations in the blogosphere about Newsweek’s columnists as well. You can also subscribe to the search via RSS feed by Technorati Watchlist (available at the top of each Blog Talk), and you can dive as deep as you like by getting all of the posts as well.”

Dave goes on to give kudos (you know, those old granola bars from the 1980’s) to the Newsweek team for their forward thinking and recognition of blogging, blog search, and Newsweek bloggers. Right on Dave, it is most excellent to see traditional media taking a forthright approach to integrating with new and cutting edge citizenship media (in bloggers). This is also a great catch for Technorati, as more and more blog search and news search services are looking for in’s to news sites. Being that Newsweek is part of MSN’s MSNBC network, I wonder if we’ll see more Technorati integration into other MSN properties.

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Technorati and Newsweek Partner for Blog Roundup – Yeehaw!

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