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Tackling International SEO Challenges: An Interview with Aleyda Solis

As an ever-changing field, SEO is always a challenge. However, when you throw in the international aspect, the difficulties increase. Trying to target audiences in multiple countries can have many challenges, including language differences and determining which countries will offer the best ROI.

International SEO Challenges

At Vegas Pubcon 2016, Brent Csutoras, the Chief Social Media Strategist at SEJ, sat down with Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant & Founder of Orainti, to discuss the challenges specific to international SEO.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  • When tackling international SEO, you must start by identifying the markets with the most potential and ROI. Otherwise, you risk stretching yourself too thin by attempting to enter too many markets.
  • Sometimes it can be better to start with specific countries, versus an entire continent. Focusing directly on areas that will offer the best return will be more beneficial.
  • It is vital to find someone who understands the local language, not just the same language. For example, American English and British English can be very different. Finding a local person helps you create content that uses personalized content that uses the correct phrasing.

Connect With Aleyda Solis

Twitter: @aleyda


Learn More About International SEO

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Tackling International SEO Challenges: An Interview with Aleyda Solis

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