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Synergy of Search, Blogs, and PR : Lee Odden Interview

Synergy of Search, Blogs, and PR : Lee Odden Interview

Aaron Wall of SEOBook & Threadwatch has conducted a nice sit down interview with Lee Odden, one of the most well received voices in search marketing. Unlike some of the modern SEO crew popping up left and right, Lee is a bit old school with a background in public relations.

On top of running Top Rank Results and the Misukanis & Odden PR Firm, Lee also is an avid blogger with the Top Rank Blog (Online Marketing Blog) and Rick Bruner’s Business Blog Consulting. Of course, in the Public Relations 2.0 world, all of these services are a core foundation for any business looking for a complete marketing mix.

In the interview, this mashup of marketing services is discussed:

You run a PR company and an SEO company. Going forward do you see them merging?

There is a lot of crossover, that’s for sure. We share a number of back office resources and we’re doing more and more cross-training on the technologies and tactics that allow search engine optimization and public relations to compliment each other. Our PR firm, has typically provided offline marketing services and media relations consulting. TopRank is all about organic search engine optimization. However, our PR staff are becoming particularly talented at using online channels to help clients achieve their publicity and communications goals. Blogs, RSS, and news search SEO are now a daily part of both businesses, so maybe someday it would make sense to merge.

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Synergy of Search, Blogs, and PR : Lee Odden Interview

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