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SuperPages Upgrades Web Site

SuperPages Upgrades Web Site

Verizon SuperPages today announced the relaunch of its site. The new site is better integrated and more user-friendly than the previous version.

SuperPages has been impressive in its willingness to embrance the Internet and performance-based marketing for SMEs in particular. (The company told us that it’s adding roughly 4,000 pay-per-click advertisers per month, with roughly 35,000 active PPC advertisers today.)

Beyond this, SuperPages is thinking very proactively about future usability upgrades and is aggressively doing traffic and distribution deals to generate additional value for advertisers. In addition, SuperPages is launching PPCall for its directory advertisers.

According to the release issued this morning, the following were some of the upgrades on the new site:

* The ability to reserve a table at more than 2,500 restaurants.
* Relocating the main search bar for the Yellow Pages, Merchandise, eBay Search and Web Search tabs to a central, more visible location on the top of the home page.
* Combining the City and State fields on the search form into one box, creating a new three-field search interface. With this change, the consolidated field allows users to conduct a search more easily, because they have to type in only one field for geography. For example, instead of typing “Boston” in the City field and “MA” in the State field, the user can type “Boston, MA” or the desired ZIP code in the consolidated field.
* Adding new tools to evaluate the effectiveness of traffic from alliance partners.

We’ll write more about these and other developments at SuperPages in a forthcoming Kelsey Group client Advisory.

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SuperPages Upgrades Web Site

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