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Super Bowl Commercials on Google, Yahoo & MSN Video

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Super Bowl Commercials on Google, Yahoo & MSN Video

Super Bowl Commercials on Google, Yahoo & MSN Video

Looking for Super Bowl commercials online is beginning to replace the old tradition of water cooler chat about the game or who exposed their breasts at half time. By now, we all know that Jerome Bettis and the Steelers put a whippin’ on Seattle. Sure the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t make it this year – but it’s great to see Pittsburgh representing the AFC and bringing home the Lombardi trophy.

This was another big year for Super Bowl commercials from long time advertisers such as Budweiser, Burger King and Pizza Hut. We also saw a nice second year showing from GoDaddy and their Candice Michelle steamy ad (which is quite comparable to the Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut commercial).

For a rundown of this year’s Super Bowl commercials online, the best place to turn are the Internet’s traditional messengers of information, search engines. Yahoo & Google are hosting archives of the Super Bowl XL ads on their video search engines with most of the commercials being featured along with the ‘rejected’ GoDaddy ones.

* Google Video Search Super Bowl Commercials

* Yahoo Video Search & iFilm Super Bowl Commericals

* Career Builder Monkey Commercials on MSN

* Super Bowl Commercial Podcast


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