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Submit to SEOdex : SEO & SEM Services Directory

Submit to SEOdex : SEO & SEM Services Directory

Over the weekend Search Engine Journal purchased a new SEO Directory with an incredible URL; The site is relatively new and has only been live for a couple months, hence no real history or PageRank ranking. SEOdex did have a bunch of other SEO and directory oriented sites listed in it, but we’ve cleaned out the directory, started fresh, and with the help of the search engine optimization community and readers of this blog are filling it up with top quality services, resources and search related blogs.

We do plan on heavily marketing it in the near future on Search Engine Journal and other related properties and we’d also be quite thrilled if you do have a blog or site to mention our directory and link to

And yes, we will be following strict editorial guidelines such as no spam, no link farm sites, titles are company and resource names – not keyterms, and true to form service descriptions.

Once you submit, please list your site below and we’re very open to feedback on the SEOdex directory as it will soon be evolving into quite a valuable resource in the search marketing industry, and for potential clients who may find your company listed on SEOdex.

Thank you, SEOdex!

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Submit to SEOdex : SEO & SEM Services Directory

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