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StumbleUpon & Paid Placements

Chris Pirillo received an interesting call from StumbleUpon’s Director of Advertising Sales the other morning, which was a sales call for advertising within the StumbleUpon social surfing network.

As transcribed by Chris

StumbleUpon offers a unique opportunity to reach the targeted audience you’re searching for. Discover great websites, videos, pictures and more-all according to your interests. Send your website or video directly to people who want to see your content. StumbleUpon shows your website or video directly to interested web surfers who have already expressed a strong interest in similar content.

Target the exact audience you want. Target visitors by category, location, age, and gender. Get valuable feedback from real people. See how many people rated your content “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down”. Interested in learning more about StumbleUpon advertising opportunities?

Interesting scenario (kinda reminds me of the old days and, remember eTour?) … StumbleUpon users are stumbling upon paid placement possibly without even knowing about it.

But I respect them entirely for putting together an alternative form of revenue generation, which proves that StumbleUpon may indeed be the crop of social bookmarking sites due to its usability and understandability factors.

Sure, the search engines do a terrific job of labeling sponsored links, but how exactly could StumbleUpon label a Sponsored Stumble? A notice on the Toolbar perhaps?

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StumbleUpon & Paid Placements

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