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StumbleUpon Add-On for Internet Explorer 7

StumbleUpon is definitely becoming one of the major Internet navigation and social bookmarking experience sites in the business, and is continuing to grow with smart relationships and their own unique revenue model.

Internet Explorer 7 is now launching and StumbleUpon has release its own Internet Explorer 7 add-on toolbar for the new Microsoft Browser. Seems that StumbleUpon’s web surfing experience is getting so popular that Microsoft has now named StumbleUpon’s IE 7 Toolbar a recommended Add-On for IE.

“StumbleUpon helps people find Internet content in new ways by making relevant information easy to discover,” said Gary Schare, director of Internet Explorer Product Management at Microsoft Corp “StumbleUpon enhances the Internet browsing experience and we are pleased to see the StumbleUpon toolbar available to Internet Explorer 7 users.”

How does StumbleUpon work? Well, it’s essentially a social community of users who recommend sites they find online to StumbleUpon by writing a quick review of the site and then classifying the category that such a site would fall in.

Then other StumbleUpon members can view the site by Stumbling, which is using the SU toolbar navigate to random yet targeted sites for each member, depending on their interests. Members then vote via a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, rating the site. The more thumbs-up, the more the site is served to other StumbleUpon users.

StumbleUpon has over 1.4 million users who visit more than 3 million sites daily using the toolbar. Internet Explorer 7 users can download the StumbleUpon toolbar at and Firefox user can download SU (if you do not have it yet) from

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StumbleUpon Add-On for Internet Explorer 7

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