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StumbleThru : Site Specific StumbleUpon Released

StumbleThru : Site Specific StumbleUpon Released

StumbleUpon has launched a new service dubbed StumbleThru which allows users to sift and roll thru social media and personalized content driven sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia and MySpace along with blogs from Blogspot (blogger), and news sites like, BBC, and

Somewhat replacing the dependence on restrictive site based search technology, StumbleThru allows users to target their Stumbling to specific domains (although customized domains do not seem to be working, restrciting the user to StumbleUpon ‘partners’) and uses the StumbleUpon “thumbs up, thumbs down” voting to rate the pages found using StumbleThru.

The more “thumbs up”, the higher the possibility of others finding it. If a page results in plenty of “thumbs down”, it will tend to be buried.

It would be very smart of StumbleUpon to allow publishers to open their own sites up to StumbleThru and then those publishers could motivate their readers to add their sites to personalized SU toolbars which stumble the info on those particular sites.

In a similar fashion to RSS, readers would subscribe to the bread & butter content from those specific sites, Stumbling onto the pages or stories which other ‘subscribers’ enjoyed.

The explosive growth of online destinations like Flickr and MySpace has made it difficult to find new and meaningful content within the millions of pages at these domains. StumbleThru makes it possible for Stumblers to see only the content that is personally relevant to them and submitted and rated by the StumbleUpon community.

“The collaborative nature of Web 2.0 sites like YouTube and Wikipedia means that content is constantly being generated by millions of users,” said David Feller, Vice President, Marketing at StumbleUpon. “StumbleThru provides users the ability to skip the clutter and unearth only the best that these domains have to offer.”

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StumbleThru : Site Specific StumbleUpon Released

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