Strategic Guest Posting: Doing it Right

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I am sure you have heard many times before that guest posting is a great way to do SEO and that it brings you lots of benefits. But is it enough to just randomly find the blogs that would accept your post and submit it?

Actually, there is more to it than that. Guest posting requires thoughtful analysis, a strategy and a lot of work.

Think Things Through

Setting up a guest blog plan means that you need to establish the goals you wish to achieve and think of ways to measure your results. Every guest post you write must have a well defined purpose and it must be built in such a way that it will be able to complete its mission.

Let’s take for example Paras Chopra, the co-founder of Visual Website Optimizer, who did a very efficient online promotion for his company using strategic guest posting.

One of the most important steps that he did was to determine the communities he was interested in targeting. He found popular blogs for those communities and he wrote a blog post that was referring to specific problems of that audience.

Here’s how you can approach strategic guest posting:

  • Determine the communities to target

    To speed up your guest blogging efficiency, you must focus first on reaching a wider area of people, from different domains other than your own. This means that you need to find different professionals that are also interested in your product or service.

    Paras is actually developing an A/B testing software. But to build up an effective guest blogging strategy, he went outside the circle of conversion rate optimizers and tried guest posting on SEO blogs, copywriting blogs and web designers blogs.

  • Find popular blogs for those communities

    You can settle for anything you can get or you can reach for the top. To make the most of your guest posting, you must do a little research and discover the places where your targeted professionals are active. In other words, find popular blogs to guest post. These will give your posts the exposure you need.

    For his guest posts, Paras chose popular blogs such as SEOmoz, Copyblogger and Smashing Magazine. His posts received tens of comments and hundreds of retweets from the readers of these blogs.

    The competition is indeed high on these blogs and you are required to write exceptional posts in order to be accepted, but that should only be an inceptive for you and not a drawback. Once you have managed to publish such an article, the rewards will be more than worth your efforts.

  • Choose specific topics

    For your guest posts to be valued by the communities reading them, you need to write about the topics of interest for these audiences. What works for one community may not work for others.

    Therefore you must find answers and solutions for the common problems your audience is facing and provide them in your posts. Also you may want to adapt the language you use and the tone of your voice to make your copy both appealing and comprehensive for its readers.

    Let’s take a peek at some of the articles that Paras wrote for his guest posting strategy. You’ll find an example of how you can adjust your knowledge to the interests of other professionals:

    Lessons Learned from 21 Case Studies in Conversion Rate Optimization
    This article was written for an SEO community and the author took several case studies to show the impact of design, call to action, copy and headline in conversions. With real examples, he pointed out what could be done for a website, from an SEO perspective, to increase conversions.

    The Guaranteed Way to Radically Improve Your Copywriting
    Copywriters are not interested in efficient designs or buttons, but in efficient copy. And copy can be tested as well. This article explains in a common language what A/B testing is, how copywriters can test their copy, what to test and ultimately, how to create copy that works.

    The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing
    This article was written as a “How to” guide, with Do’s and Don’ts, lots of relevant examples of which are the best performing design items for a website and a list of useful resources and tools.

  • Do not try to sell!

    It is extremely important to maintain your credibility and try not to promote your product or service in your guest posts. The slightest sign your readers get of you being a salesman, would make them loose interest and compromise your entire guest posting strategy.

    Instead, you should keep focus on your purpose:  provide valuable information and gain authority. Traffic, conversions and revenue will follow.

Start Writing!

With a guest posting plan well set up, all you need to do is start writing. You will know what results to expect from your guest posts and you will soon be able to see and measure these results.

Wandering around and guest posting by chance won’t get you all the benefits that guest posting is promising.

So be wise and guest post strategically!

Surely, I haven’t covered all the things that make a guest posting strategy efficient but I’m counting on you to add your own blogging tips in the comments section below. Can you share some of your experience with this?

Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chatter about SEO, Internet... Read Full Bio
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  • Preston Van Dyke

    Guest posts have been a large part of my SEO strategy since the begin of this year. In working through the processes you outlined I have found a few things:

    1. And this may be an obvious one; some clients/industries are ideal for working guest blogging into your SEO campaign and some you may find it isn’t going to be worth the effort.

    2. In working to not be promotional but still gain the benefit of links I have found it is essential to open discussion with flexibility in the subject matter of content provided and where a link is to be placed (for instance in a signature so as to keep the relationship very transparent and non-promotional). I have heard others float the idea of not placing any links in your first guest post – and this may be good in rare occasions but not all.

    Great post Dana. Thanks for the insights.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    I am a big fan of guest blogging. It is a great way to position your brand in front of a new audience, generate quality links and build your own reputation as an authority figure. I definitely agree that guest posts have to be strictly no-sell. You want to inform readers, not pitch to them.

  • Ecommerce Solution

    Do not sell is huge.  When doing a guest blog you have to make it sound organic, but still have your product or service pitched.  Learning out to do that is a skill, but it’s also a great way to get good backlinks

  • Web Element

    Yes, completely agree with you, guest posting is good way to promote your brand and to generate backlinks.

  • Emarketinguide

    The guest blogging will boost brand of your website. And do it in continuously basis on popular & large scale website of your matching line.

  • online shopping uk

    Guest Blogging is one of the best approach to promote your product in effective manner and also get qualitative back link  from guest blogs as well..

  • Mike

    The “determining your strategy” part of your article will be very helpful in setting up a guest blogging program for a client of mine. I would also like to emphasize the importance of creating original content for each of your guest blogging posts. Don’t let your client get lazy and have duplicate content running on various websites, as everyone in SEO knows this is frowned upon by Google.

    • Dana Loiz

      Mike, you
      are absolutely right. As a guest blogger, the quality and originality of the
      content you provide is an absolute must. You cannot build a strategy or expect
      benefits from your posts unless you are serious about the work you do and  write valuable content.

      content not only that gets you penalized by Google but can also compromise all
      the authority that you are trying to build up.

  • Anonymous

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  • Meghan

    Dana – Great article! I am curious your thoughts on the value of having guest bloggers write on your blog? We have had some high profile (in our industry) guests contribute thoughts to our blog but have not pursued opportunities to join other’s blogs. Are we gaining any benefit, in your opinion, from our strategy?

    • Dana Loiz


      posting is benefic both for the blogger and blog owner alike.  As a blog hosting guest authors you get fresh
      and quality content to provide to your readers. And your blog’s primary
      objective is to keep your readers informed and satisfied with the content they
      find on your blog. Thus you make sure that they return to your blog and you
      build up a devoted audience.

      I believe you are gaining great benefits from hosting guest posts on your blog
      as long as you are publishing quality content on your blog. 

  • IT Offshore Outsourcing

     Hello Dana, I really like the topic of your blog as well as the content. Just want to say that I agree with you that the guest posting is a great way to do SEO. Doing so can get more benefits, but to use these you have to do plan strategies as stated above. By the way thanks for your ideas and strategies. It’s a great help to us. One thing I like in this article are the ideas that are shared, they are easy to understand. Have a nice day!

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Hey Dana, this is the awesome blog post related to “Guest Blogging”. I totally agreed with the ideas that you have shared. In today’s time Guest Blogging is the best and amazing way to create a quality back links. It helps to create the solid brand for the website. So Dana, I gonna implement your ideas that you have shared here and it will definitely gonna help me a lot with my link building campaign. Thanks for sharing such an useful information. Good Work. Keep it up.