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Steps to Reduce Click Fraud

Steps to Reduce Click Fraud

V7N Blog’s Peter Da Vanzo lists some easy ways to prevent or reduce search engine marketing click fraud. With Google AdWords in the news over a class action click fraud case which is starting to find its way to settlement, click fraud is only becoming more and more infamous in search advertising circles.

Is his post How to Reduce Click Fraud, Da Vanzo says that click fraud could account for up to 25% of a search marketing budget and gives these quick and easy preventive methods to guard your search marketing campaign:

* Watch for traffic spikes, and reduced conversion rates, outside your averages.
* Contextual advertising – while content targeted advertising can be cheap, it does require careful monitoring. See above.
* Don’t advertise in countries you don’t serve. Use the geo-target function. Watch for any traffic that falls outside your targeted regions.
* Watch for numerous duplicate IP addresses in your stats.
* Unless you’re very experienced, stick to the major PPC search providers. The traffic from smaller engines requires careful monitoring.
* Implement click fraud monitoring software
* Report your findings to the search engines. The more data you have, the better your chances of a refund.

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Steps to Reduce Click Fraud

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