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Buying reviews on blogs has become a fairly legitimate practice in the online marketing mix, with companies like and ReviewMe offering blog review market places where advertisers can find blogs which are relevant to their product or service to write about them, and introduce that product or service to their readership.

I’ve written about paid blog reviews in the past, and do feel that paid reviews which honestly describe a product or service & are of great value to the advertiser; especially if you can pinpoint the right bloggers and the right audience. SEO and linking aside, if a $50 review of a product can lead to introducing that product to an influential blogger, the blog’s audience and even sales; that’s a $50 well spent.

Paid reviews marketplaces offer two options for finding bloggers to write about an advertised business:

  1. Actually reviewing directory of partnered bloggers, reviewing their blogs, paying their published prices and hoping that the bloggers approve them.
  2. Setting up an advertising opportunity that bloggers then bid on, and you approve – bringing more hungry and active bloggers into the mix.

Personally, I like a mix between the two options as some of the premier bloggers who do paid reviews don’t have the time to bid on advertising opportunities and they are better to buy from using the first option.

However, setting up an advertising opportunity for bloggers to bid on can initiate a feeding frenzy … everyone wants to take a bite. Offers Paid Blog Review Bid Filtering

A properly set up advertising opportunity in can result in thousands of bloggers bidding anywhere from $5 to $500 to write a review of an advertiser.

Instead of blindly accepting each review, the advertiser has to look at the different value propositions delivered from each blog including incoming links, traffic, relevancy and whether or not that blog is a trash review only blog as opposed to a real blog.

I’ve seen examples of link builders which have been contracted by Fortune 500 companies actually accepting all irrelevant bids from trash blogs and the end result is pretty embarrasing, especially when checking their Yahoo Backlinks.

When you have thousands of bloggers wanting to write about you, analyzing each blog can take days. To help expedite the process and make things easier for everyone, if offering bid filters which filter out the blogs you don’t want in your marketing mix.

Sponsored Reviews Bid Filtering added some bid filtering tools last winter that they have recently tweaked and added to which makes sifting through these blogger review bids easier and helps pinpoint the quality and relevant blogs which will help build buzz around your business, drive traffic, and links (whether you use a nofollow or not).

The bid filtering includes :

  • Categories : Choose from blogs which are listed in relevant categories to your product or service.
  • Hosted Countries : Choose from blogs hosted in different countries or filter out blogs hosted in spam friendly countries. Furthermore, choosing all English speaking countries could filter our foreign language bids.
  • Bid Price : Want only cheap bids? Then filter out the expensive ones. Want more quality blogs? Then filter out the cheap ones.
  • Estimated Traffic : This information comes from, if you’re looking for some blogs in the rough, choose something like 1,000 or more users per month.
  • SponsoredReviews Rank : 1 thru 5 average of Yahoo Backlinks, Technorati Ranking and Alexa Ranking. If you’re not sure how to filter other rankings, this is a pretty good measure of blog quality.
  • Yahoo Backlinks : Filtering out blogs with less backlinks can lead to identifying more quality blogs in the mix. This is probably the most powerful filtering system in the bunch.
  • Blog Exclusions : Don’t want splogs in the mix? Then exclude blog networks from the blogs bidding to write a paid review of your product.

I’ve found these bid filtering techniques quite effective in streamlining the bid review process. Other bid filtering I’d like to see would be:

  • Domains : Choose between bids from blogs with .com, .info, .cn,, .name and other top level domains.
  • Languages : Filtering countries for language purposes does not do the trick since many English language blogs are hosted in countries which may not be English language countries. A language filter would be very useful.
  • Domain Age : When was the domain launched and how old is the site?
  • Social Variables : How many Delicious bookmarks and Stumbles does this site enjoy. This would be a god quality indicator.
  • SEOmoz PageStrength : Though similar to SponsoredReviews Rank, PageStrength brings in other factors like PageRank, Wikipedia and .edu links into the equation.

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