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SponsoredReviews Adds Google PageRank Filtering

Earlier in the month I did an overview of the new bid filtering features launched by to filter bids from bloggers who want to write about your advertised site or business.

  • The way this works is an SEO or advertiser sets up their Blog Review Opportunity
  • Then bloggers review the various advertiser opportunities and place bids on them.
  • For example, a blogger usually bids anywhere from $10 to $50 on the chance to write a paid review.
  • Then the advertiser reviews the blog pitches, and approves or denies.
  • Because of the thousands of bloggers bidding on the chance to do a paid review on your product, sifting through these bids can be overwhelming.
  • SponsoredReviews filtering lets advertisers prioritize the bids via Blog Networks, Yahoo BackLinks, Alexa Ranking …etc.

Last week, SponsoredReviews added Google PageRank to their filtering, so advertisers can prioritize blogs via Google PageRank. Of course this is just Toolbar Google PageRank and it is not an indicator of how well a site ranks on Google, nor is it a correct measurement of the value of a link, but it is one of many metrics for judging quality.

From SponsoredReviews:

As some of you have already noticed, we have been busy adding new metrics and filters. Just today we added the ability to filter bids by Pagerank. Over the past few weeks we have added the ability to filter out blog networks (Blogspot etc.) as well as country filtering. We have also added traffic data from

We are looking forward to providing more information and filtering soon. Our next major upgrade is going to be on the “find bloggers” page. We will be adding all of the same great filtering you get in the “Incoming bids” screen. This will allow you to find all those super high quality blogs from bloggers that never bid on opportunities directly.

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SponsoredReviews Adds Google PageRank Filtering

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