Split FireFox into Several Frames for Better Productivity and More

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As an active Internet user, I browse hundreds of pages daily. Sometimes I have dozens of tabs open and I have to switch quickly between them.

To enhance my productivity I am now playing with a couple of screen-splitting tools that are aimed to help me:

  • Quickly compare search results (of various (local) search engine versions, of different search engines – e.g. Google versus Bing, – etc.)
  • Quickly switch between tabs (especially for reference notes, quoting, note taking, etc);
  • Easily read, keep notes, summarize – everything in one window.

Now, let me share the two tools:

1. Fox Splitter

Fox Splitter is an option-rich FireFox addon that offers you the various splitting features:

  • Split current tab;
  • Tile all tabs;
  • Tile all tabs vertically / horizontally;
  • Access recently closed panes;
  • Collapse / Expand all panes:

Fox Splitter

It can be accessed in various ways:

  • Choose the “Split Browser to” menu in the context menu.
  • Choose the “Load in Split Browser” menu in the context menu on link.
  • Click popup-button on top/bottom/left/right edges of the content area.
  • Drop links, bookmarks, tabs, etc. to popup-button on top/bottom/left/right edges of the content area while dragging.

2. Tile Tabs

Tile Tabs – this one is also really rich in features and settings (and I can’t still choose between the two actually). The menu options include:

  • Tile Tab – adds an existing tab as a new tile above, left, right or below the currently selected tile.
  • Tile New Tab – opens a new tab as a new tile above, left, right or below the currently selected tile.
  • Tile Duplicate Tab – opens a duplicate tab as a new tile above, left, right or below the currently selected tile.
  • Tile Link in New Tab – opens a link in a new tab as a new tile above, left, right or below of the currently selected tile.
  • Untile Tab – removes a tile and the corresponding tab reverts to normal operation.
  • Expand Tile – expands a tile and collapses all the other tiles in that group (or use F2).
  • Tile All Tabs – adds all tabs as tiles together horizontally, vertically or in a grid.
  • Untile All Tabs – removes all tiles and all tabs revert to normal operation.

The toolbar button is really nicely done and requires no extra instructions:

FireFox split

The result looks cool in both the cases – definitely a time-saver!

FireFox - split the screen

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
Ann Smarty
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  • Wow, great idea. I have exactly the same problem with loads of tabs, didn't know you could do anything like this. Thanks!

  • What a great find Ann! I love it 🙂
    Andy 🙂

  • Firefox is a very good explorer. I has many cool features. Great search…

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. I too suffer from “tab exposure”. Clicking between tabs hoping to open the right one can very frustrating when you have a constant 15+ tabs open.

  • Keith

    What great little add-ons. I love Tile Tabs. Should same me some time. Thanks.

  • cool add-ons. very useful. gonna use it.

  • Arrow SEO

    Nice, very useful

  • Excellent tips, great job!

  • That's a good idea. I have the same problem and tabs, but do not know to do such a thing. Very grateful.

  • Richard Getz

    Nice find, thanks (._.)