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Sphere Blog Search Engine Launches

Sphere Blog Search Engine Launches

After months and months of steamy prelaunch talk and private beta testing, the new Sphere Blog Search Engine has launched to a rather large amount of fanfare.

Sure, the opinion leaders of the Blogosphere like Steve Rubel, Michael Arrington, and Chris Sherman (Well, not really as much of a blogger as he is an expert) are giving their reviews and scribing their experiences with the new search engine, but one of the best reviews I’ve read has been by Graywolf at Wolf-Howl with some fancy screenshots and a rundown of other blog reviews.

The most interesting component of Sphere is the bookmarklet called “sphereit”. The instruction on how to make it work are pretty simple and can be found on on the tools page so there’s no need for me to repeat it here.

I really like the related media section, the images search links seemed to be broken as of this writing so hopefully they will fix that. Not sure why the didn’t go with the obvious and more content rich Flickr, especially since they are using Yahoo to distribute news stories and podcast search results.

Overall impression this is a pretty good implementation. Google Blog Search kinda sucks, and Yahoo burried Yahoo Blog Search in Yahoo news (hint to Yahoo no one is going to take you as a serious blog search player if you don’t think it’s serious enough to exist on it’s own not the foster child of news searches).

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Sphere Blog Search Engine Launches

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