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Spammer Sentenced to 9 Years in the Slammer

Spammer Sentenced to 9 Years in the Slammer

Spammer Sentenced to 9 Years in the Slammer

Today a Virginia Judge sentenced convicted spammer Jeremy Jaynes was convicted to nine years in prison today in the first U.S. felony prosecution for spamming. Jaynes was convicted in November for using false Internet addresses to send mass e-mail ads through a server of Internet service provider America Online, or AOL. However, the Judge postponed the 9 year sentence while the case is going through the appeals process.

From Insanum : Rejoice! A Virginia judge sentenced a spammer to nine, count that, nine years in prison. Unfortunately the sentence is postponed for the appeals process. Postponed? What the hell. Supposedly convictions of new crimes raises constitutional questions. Isn’t the judge upholding the constitution… our country is way too litigious. Too much heeing and hawing, not enough doing.

And who says crime doesn’t pay. This spammer was sending out 10 Million messages a day over 16 high speed broadband lines. He was raking in up to $750,000 a month. I don’t know all the specifics of this case but I wonder how much his spam alone cost companies around the world.

Let’s hope the judgement is upheld in the appellate court. I think this would result in current and would-be spammers to think twice. Although at $750,000 a month… hmmmmm.

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