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Spam Digg For Only $20

Spam Digg For Only $20

A site dubbed User/Submitter is taking the manipulation of Digg to higher levels with a service that pays users $.50 for 5 Diggs, and charges its ‘advertisers’ a base fee of $20, then $1 per Digg.

According to Pronet Advertising (not associated with User/Submitter) it takes about 51 Diggs in 24 hours to make it to the Digg Homepage; “In most cases you need 51 diggs within 24 hours to get to the homepage.”

So, if someone were to use this questionable User/Submitter service to successfully place their site on Digg’s homepage, it would cost at least $71, but the ROI (that is, if you count ROI in unique users) could be outstanding as a placement on can result in 10,000 referrals in a day.

From User/Submitter:

User/Submitter users are then given the chance to digg your submission and other stories for $0.50. After your submission has reached your desired number of diggs, you will be emailed a report.

We cannot guarantee that your submissions will hit the front page of Digg. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any submission for any reason.

If User/Submitter is unable to fulfill your requested number of verified diggs within 48 hours, you will be refunded the amount of Diggs paid for but not received within 5 working days.

All User/Submitter transactions are private.

Hattip to Peter Da Vanzo

Search Engine Journal does not condone nor suggest using a paid service to Digg your site.

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Spam Digg For Only $20

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