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Soon Patients Will Just Google their Sickness and Diagnose Themselves

Soon Patients Will Just Google their Sickness and Diagnose Themselves

U.K based analyst firm Wireless Healthcare predicts that Google and Microsoft are on the brink of making their presence felt in the healthcare sector. The firm based their belief on Google recent acquisition of 23andMe, a genetic profiling firm, and Microsoft’s acquisition of Medstory, a medical search firm. Wireless Healthcare analyst Peter Kruger further said that:

We are seeing the emergence of a new health model that challenges some of the assumptions made by existing online healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers

Wireless Healthcare also reports that patients are now more informed about their sickness and its symptoms prior to consultation with their physicians. This patients are usually those internet savvy individuals who conducts online search first to know the dangers of their sickness as well as find out about immediate cure for the sickness.

This is one illustration of how great the impact of search engines and the information they provide to internet users are. Search engines could actually make or break someone’s chances of recovering from a sickness, should patients continue to rely on search engine results for their sickness. Search engines provides a dearth of information that are not actually validated for its accuracy and correctness.

When using search engine to research on one’s particular sickness, patients must always make sure that the information that they will utilize came from valid sources and not just the usual generated contents that gets through search engines meta crawlers.

But yes, someday, these information would be as valid as the diagnosis that patients would get from their family doctors. So the famous chant now goes, “mother, mother I am sick, search Google/Microsoft very quick”.

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Soon Patients Will Just Google their Sickness and Diagnose Themselves

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