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Sony PSP : Convergence of Mobile Entertainment

Sony PSP : Convergence of Mobile Entertainment

Sony PSP may be the “all in one” mobile web, gaming, music, movie, and communications technical device on the market, posing a direct competitor to Apple, Microsoft, and others expanding into the handheld market. Convergence seems to be the buzz word of 2005. The concept was on the tongues of all speakers at SES NY this year, and is now in the hands of antsy Playstation Portable users in the US.

Sony’s PSP, currently being branded as a portable video gaming gadget, has both the legacy of Playstation and Walkman pushing it to possibly be the future of not only Sony, but the way we use the mobile web. Sony PSP has the ability to play movies and music, display digital photos, and perform Internet via its Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Sony is playing the PSP launch safe, with plans to introduce over one million consoles during the North American launch, building upon the success Sony had when launching the PSP in Japan in December 2004. The next step will be a launch in Europe. With the growth of wi-fi / wimax here in the states becoming almost more accessible than broadband, the convergence of web, video, messaging, mail, blogging, and total web search & Internet usage is a given. Do not be surprised when Yahoo or Google form a partnership to be the search or entertainment portal of choice for the Sony PSP.

When at SES in March I was surprised at how large and bulky my laptop was after comparing with the other journalists and writers with their tablet PC’s and super small mini-laptops, it was obvious that my hardware was behind the times. I can’t count the times when my battery ran out or I had forgotten to bring my USB cable to upload photos to post on SEJ. Given that PSP is supporting Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo cards, having a PSP with wi-fi functionality and the ability to write with some kind of keyboard attachment would have come in quite handy.

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Sony PSP : Convergence of Mobile Entertainment

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