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SoloSEO : Self Service Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization for small market sites and businesses just got a bit easier with the launch of SoloSEO; a web based self service project management tool for SEO campaigns.

Is SoloSEO the replacement for an expert SEO staff member or agency? No. But for those businesses which want to try and tackle basic SEO themselves or learn from the ground up, or for the private SEO contractor looking to consolidate multiple tools into one all around simplified project management offering, SoloSEO could be a Godsend. service provides professional SEO tools and reports for finding and managing keywords, tracking website and page ranking data, and managing the link building process from start to finish.

Here is a list of the features which come with a SoloSEO package:

Keyword Features

* Manage keywords in one place
* Organize by topic, popularity, and “top” keywords
* Keyword Suggestion Tool queries multiple sources
* Keyword Site Scan generates keywords based on a site or URL to find overlooked keywords
* Keyword Creator automates adding adjectives and modifiers to keywords such as states, color, and size
* Add keywords manually from other keyword sources

Content Features

* Track backlinks, PageRank for landing pages and other important pages
* Import site pages directly from sitemap
* Create optimized pages step by step
* Download pages you create

Link Building Features

* Manage Link Building from beginning to end (Link Manager)
* Link Search tool for finding link opportunities
* Bookmarklet tool for analyzing strength/quality of sites, add directly to Link Manager
* Assign strength rating for each link
* Track status of links (New, Contacted, Successful)
* Weekly check if link still exists

Report Features

* Competitive Analysis Report
* a href=”seo-reports.html”>Keyword Ranking Report
* Schedule reports, be notified by email when complete
* Save Reports for viewing, comparing
* Email reports directly to clients, management, others

Tracking Features

* Weekly site statistic tracking
* Track backlinks, pages indexed, PageRank, and Alexa Rating
* Chart site statistics over time

Learning SEO

* Learning Area within each section
* Explanations and direct links for standard SEO tasks
* Links out to authority blogs and sites on topics
* Up-to-date SEO information from the experts, all in one place

Productivity Features

* Standard checklists for SEO tasks
* Create and customize checklists for your own SEO workflow
* Task lists for each site
* Maintain active tasks automatically from Task Queue
* Drag and drop task prioritizing
* Task completion date saved for reference, reporting

Management Features

* Manage multiple sites with one login
* Organize sites by topic (theming, siloing)
* Use checklists across multiple domains

Competitor Tracking

* Track your Competition’s stats
* Competitor finder tool

“Marketing your website by search engine optimization can be a challenge for small businesses, as they often cannot afford the price tag of hiring an SEO firm,” said Michael Jensen, partner and developer of “We saw a real need for helping anyone with a website to do their own search engine optimization, and that meant having the right tools and know-how within their grasp, at a price everyone can afford.”

SoloSEO is currently running a free 2 week trial, which publishers can sign up for at, normal pricing starts at $29 per month.

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SoloSEO : Self Service Search Engine Optimization

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