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Software Allows for GMail Importation Into POP Mail Clients

Google GMail Importation Into POP Mail Clients

One demand of Gmail users may be to be able to check their work email accounts and POP email over GMail, but a new software tool lets those do just the opposite, check GMail via their own POP outlook, Netscape Mail, or Mozilla email accounts.

psGmail is a small trayicon application that allows you to check your Gmail account e-mail from a normal POP mail client (such as outlook,Thunderbird etc). Unlike standard email accounts which allow users to retrieve their e-mail through a POP mail client, Google’s Gmail can only be checked on the web now. With psGmail, you can use your favorite POP mail client to retrieve your e-mail from your Gmail account. In addition, psGmail allows you to send e-mails through Gmail’s service, as if it was a normal SMTP (outgoing mail) server.and it also can send you a msn-style alerts Instantly when you have a new email on Gmail.

Features of psGmail :
1. POP3/SMTP service base on Gmail of Google
2. Instant Email Alerts with msn-style(support multiple Gmail accounts)
3. fetch special email with filter function
4. fetch the emails in special label(eg: all mail)
5. http(s) proxy support, you can use it behind of firewall

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Software Allows for GMail Importation Into POP Mail Clients

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