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Of the major brands pulling out the big bucks for air time during the Super Bowl, who had the most potential to come out a big social media winner?  Prior to the game, SHIFT marketing put several brands head to head tournament style to determine which brand had the best social following.

Tech brands like Best Buy, Samsung, Black Berry and GoDaddy went at it with food and beverage powerhouses like Coke, Pepsi, Doritos, Taco Bell and Budweiser.  Based just on the following and engagement numbers for Facebook and Twitter, Coca-Cola faced off against Oreo for the Social Bowl Championship.  But after watching all of the ads last night do you feel like Coke is the social king?


Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

Content & Outreach Goddess at AuthorityLabs
Michelle Stinson Ross is a digital marketing industry recognized authority on the outreach power of social media. She has worked as a community manager and... Read Full Bio
Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
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  • Alice Ly | PayPro Business

    Now there needs to be an infographic about the power outage 🙂

    • Michelle Stinson Ross

      NO DOUBT! What’s really interesting is that the two legacy brands (Oreo and Coke) that wound up head to head here also went head to head in real time Sunday night. More on those thoughts later this morning 🙂