How Is Your Social Style Helping Or Hindering You?

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Whether you know it or not, you have your own social style of interaction that just may dictate how successful you are in a number or realms. Social style has a great deal to do with not only how a person is perceived, but with one’s understanding of others too. And, being able to “spot” a certain style of socialization, and knowing how best you yourself mix with suggested other types, can be a boon or bust online.

If you ever wanted to rule the social networks, or even just fit in, knowing whether your are controlling, amiable, an analytic, or a creative type is helpful. As importantly, knowing other people’s social style can help in love and war situations online. The short quiz below offers some clues into your social style profile. Take the quiz from ProProfs below and then refer to the links at bottom to find out more.

To learn more about your social style and how it affects your work and personal life we suggest reading up on websites like Wilson Learning, Tracom Group, or even by following the infograph at Rohan Learning; Finding Your Selling Style. A lot of work has been done by business and marketing agencies around the concepts of selling and understanding social interaction. Even without knowing, we often understand more about ourselves and others than we think we do. How is your social style helping you? Hurting you?

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