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Social Networks, and Merge

There are numerous social networks online that center around traveling, booking travel excursions and users giving their opinions about various places they’ve traveled. Users frequent sites like to communicate and socialize about what and where the best travel vacations are and how to find travel deals online. In a recent merger, the largest travel and lifestyle social network in the world, partnered with as a conglomerate site to offer users a premier site as the location to find the most valuable and lucrative travel deals on the Internet. is touted as the most powerful travel search engine in the world and has stellar search technology for its travel services. The merger between the two online travel giants will benefit travel users in two major ways:

  1. Members can effectively use their online connections to customize and plan their trips and make travel decisions.
  2. Users can take advantage of their entire social extensions for travel using the WAYN Facebook App.

The second benefit is an application developed by WAYN called WAYN Facebook Application Map Your Friends. The app allows users to see the current location of their friends, where they live, and provides an opportunity to meet new friends. The app is also currently being configured to allow users to see friends of friends locations as well. The Facebook app also means that users have the opportunity to tap into a broader network even outside of the and business pairing.

The merger of the two travel companies also harnesses the connections that both have built with global travel brands and tourism boards across the planet. Both industry leaders have developed long-standing partnerships with complimenting travel sources. These partnerships will serve well in enhancing users’ travel experience while on the site and in the travel community.

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Social Networks, and Merge

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