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LinkedIn Strategy

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LinkedIn Strategy

While the SEJ LinkedIn company page is relatively new, there are many benefits of being present in this space. Some include engaging potential followers with company news, updates, events, and relevant content. LinkedIn has a different aura than other social networks, as users on LinkedIn tend to be more professionally proactive.

There is also the opportunity for improved search engine rankings as LinkedIn pages often perform well in company searches. There are also lead generation opportunities from the content marketing side.

In fact, research shows that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn.

Optimizing Our LinkedIn Profile

An optimized LinkedIn page allows us to showcase what SEJ has to offer. By building up the “products and services page” we can showcase what we are about and give people compelling reasons to follow.

Company pages are also very SEO-friendly. Google previews up to 156 characters of text from each business page. As a result, we must ensure our description leads with powerful, keyword-rich sentences. Plus, members can search for companies by keyword on LinkedIn, so we should also include words and phrases that describe SEJ and our industry focus.

Engaging Our LinkedIn Audience

With LinkedIn company pages, we can now “like” and share content as a company, similar to how we do on Facebook and Google+. Therefore, we use this platform to share our own articles, as well as other industry news, with an audience that may not be active on one of the other social networks. We post at least four times a day to ensure that articles are being seen.

Similarly, company page admins can “like” and respond to member comments generated from posts. We can also support our contributors and other partners by sharing their content as well.

Targeted Updates

With LinkedIn’s targeted updates, we can easily tailor certain messaging if desired. For example, when creating an update, we can choose to share it with “all followers” or to a “targeted audience.”

Choosing the latter allows us to send an update to a subset of followers based on geography, industry, company size, or level of seniority. For example, if we were having a meet-up in a certain city, we can tailor updates toward people in that region.

Attracting More LinkedIn Followers

To grow our LinkedIn followers, we started by spreading the word internally and encouraged all team members, contributors, etc., to follow and engage with the page. We also urge contributors to add SEJ to their LinkedIn profiles, either as a job or “contributing publication”.

Use a multi-channel approach. Add a link to the company page to email signatures and add a “Follow” button to the website, which shows that we are on LinkedIn and makes it easy for people to follow.

Analyze LinkedIn Results

Use LinkedIn Analytics to help us better engage with followers and monitor our success. There is an array of insights available to help us focus and refine our strategy, including:

Engagement % — Engagement = interactions + clicks + followers acquired. In other words, this metric answers the question, “Of those who’ve seen my update, how many are truly engaging with it?” Looking at updates with higher engagement rates, and noting the type of content, people targeted, date and time, helps us learn how to optimize future content around what is proven to work.

Demographics — From seniority and industry to company size and function, demographics provide a snapshot of followers. With this information, we can tailor the type of content shared as well as the tone in which it is delivered. Demographics will also help determine which segments to focus on for targeted status updates.

How You Compare — Knowing how our company page compares to the pages of our competitors is a great way to determine whether we should change our strategy.

Since our LinkedIn page is new, we do not have many benchmarks yet.  For now, we will observe and re-evaluate page goals in a few months.


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