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Social Media Monitoring: What You Need to Know

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Knowing your social media marketing goals and finding the right tools to attain it is not enough. You also need to know whether your campaign is working or not. Thus, social media monitoring is also integral for your SMM efforts.

Know Your Objective

Every action must have a goal—and not just any ordinary or broad objective, but something that is clear, specific, reasonable and actionable. It is simply to know what you want to discover on your social media marketing efforts.

Do you want to get alerts on what other people are saying about you or your brand? Perhaps you want to know what your potential market needs or want to know. Or it can be as simple as finding anyone that will mention your chosen keyword so you can join in with the conversation.

Know Your Priorities

Social media marketing can be overwhelming, especially when picking out the platform to choose. That’s why you also have to decide what battle to join. Triaging all social media messages that come your way could help when focusing on what’s important. If you have a big business with a handful of known products, you can categorize your SMM campaign based on it or by type of messages that you want to track.

Know Where to Monitor

Since there a lot of social media networks available, monitoring each of them can be daunting. That’s why you need to know which platform to monitor. Find the ones that brings the most exposure for your brand, as well as where majority of your existing and potential market at hanging out in the digital world. This could also be helpful when wanting to know what channel to use when trying to listen on what other people say about your or your brand.

Know What to Monitor

Other than knowing where to monitor, you also need to know what to monitor. It all boils down to your campaign’s objectives. The marketing itself can be overwhelming, but monitoring your campaign’s success could be worse. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you manage your tracking efforts easily.

Know What Tools to Use

Of course, the best way to monitor your campaign is with the help of social media marketing tools. List down the things that you need to track and your chosen platform, and then find the right tool that would work well with your platform and deliver what you need.

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Social Media Monitoring: What You Need to Know

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