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Social Ads: Connecting Performance & Metrics To Outcomes [Podcast]


Maximizing ROI Through Effective Social Advertising Strategies

Social advertising can be an easy entry point for many organizations. But, with all the targeting and metrics to track, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Daniel Alvarado, CEO at White Shark Media and Head of Engineering at AdClicks joined me on the SEJShow to talk about ensuring profitability and success with your social ads.

Gain insight on how to leverage social advertising metrics and strategies to achieve optimal ROI and measurable business outcomes.

In terms of trends, we are going to see a lot more funds being put in by advertisers and by agencies in terms of video production and video production quality. There are a lot of people that are investing in refreshing their creatives and their copy and making it a little bit more top-notch production because that’s, that’s what’s finding to be very appealing to users today. –Daniel Alvarado, 05:25

My approach towards AI is more around research as opposed to actual content production. And I still have my team, put the effort in terms of creating that very original piece that really appeals and speaks to the customer. –Daniel Alvarado, 11:04

In the world of SEO, people look at it as a very direct response-oriented marketing channel. Like, oh, you got this traffic from Google, it converted, okay, then you get attribution. Whereas that’s typically not the case. People like to do research. With top 10 lists and peer reviews, it means that people are doing their research or trying to figure things out. They may visit your site one day via SEO, do research, and down the road visit via the ad, but SEO was part of that, or organic was part of that. Or maybe one of the last steps of the buyer’s journey is to actually go to the site, do a search, find the site, find some basic information from it, and then from that organic traffic or that organic visit make that final decision to then buy, which could even be a branded search. –Loren Baker, 22:15

[00:00] – About Daniel
[03:00] – Experience working on campaigns that are search oriented within TikTok
[04:42] – Is Daniel doing a lot more video advertising now?
[08:02] – Does he use AI in campaigns?
[14:00] – How do you show ROI in campaigns from multiple platforms?
[18:30] – Does he integrate CRMs with ad clicks?
[21:58] – How attribution points are tracked through SEO & social with an ad click.
[25:18] – Where Daniel sees the GA4 transition play into attribution tracking
[28:30] – Does he see social platforms affecting metric tracking?
[33:07] – Daniel’s journey from SEM supervisor to CEO.

Resources Mentioned:
White Shark Media –
AdClicks –

It’s no longer just Gen Z, it’s now actually a lot more age ranges that are actually taken into TikTok. And so we are finding a lot more of our clients finding interest within going into it. –Daniel Alvarado, 4:04

Make sure that you’re implementing tracking within all of your devices or all of your applications. For example, if you not only have your website but also have, for example, a mobile application, which a lot of people now have, combine that with information within your CRM so that your CRM also allows you to seek some sort of truth within that. One thing that we are also seeing very much of is this concept of looking at the return on ad spend, but looking at it from a global standpoint as opposed to a per-publisher standpoint. –Daniel Alvarado, 31:23

The biggest thing that has helped me move forward within the business is that I really am passionate about the things that I do. –Daniel Alvarado, 35:47

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Connect With Daniel Alvarado:

Daniel Alvarado is a true tech star, masterfully maneuvering the marketing technology industry for an impressive eight years. His current roles as CEO of White Shark Media and head of engineering at AdClicks provide him with a unique scope to aid organizations in creating compelling experiences via simplified processes that will add value for their clients through cutting-edge technology.

With his innovation and tech expertise, Daniel has become a go-to resource for businesses interested in leveraging the latest advances in marketing technology. With his help, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and achieve real results with cutting-edge marketing technology solutions.

Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn:


Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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Social Ads: Connecting Performance & Metrics To Outcomes [Podcast]

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