So, When’s National [Your Brand’s Name] Day?

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So, When’s National [Your Brand’s Name] Day?

So, When’s National [Your Brand’s Name] Day?Did you remember to get your mother a Mother’s Day card a couple of weeks ago? It’s so nice that the marketing world loves moms so much that it created a day just for them! I mean, we need a day devoted to loving and appreciating our mothers, right?

What about our romantic partners? We might not think about devoting time to procuring loving sentiments for them. It’s a good thing the marketing world created Valentine’s Day! Otherwise, our loved ones might not ever get flowers, candy, or feel “loved.”

What about the online marketing industry? We felt kind of neglected in regards to retail’s “Black Friday” holiday. That wasn’t fair! We wanted one, too! And we got it! Expect “Cyber Monday” to follow “Black Friday” in each year to come.

Wow! The creation of marketing days is pretty fun. Why stop now? The marketing world won’t, and the possibilities are endless!  Hmmm… What will they think of next? What about back-to-school shopping?

The New York Times’ Stuart Elliott tells of an upcoming shopping day devoted to back-to-school shopping.

Teen Vogue is planning August 11 as “National Back-to-School Sale Day.” So far, two dozen retailers are all in, including Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Express, Guess, H&M, and other notable name brands.

Though my intro is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I do think some of the marketing ideas are good. For one, Teen Vogue has all summer to build the back-to-school momentum. This could include recruiting more retailers, issuing more marketing material (videos, commercials, social media games), and doing all it can to ensure the day is a revenue success.

Second, if you check your calendars, August 11 falls on a Saturday when most parents and teens will be off work and in a prime position to crank their wallets open. This is in contrast to Black Friday, which is an “off day” for many people, but is just another work day for others, especially those with retail jobs, who rarely get to take part in “Black Friday” shopping festivities.

Third, if this goes over well, Teen Vogue will be remembered for the feat, and be emulated, I’m sure. I mean, how one brand fares affects the decisions of another. Gary Schoenfeld of Pacific Sunwear observed that consumers are acquiring a taste for “event-based shopping.” As if ladies need an occasion to shop (more tongue-in-cheek)!

Well, it’s an “event” because Teen Vogue has made it an event. Aside from off-site events, such as meet-ups and conferences, what kinds of events could you cook up for your brand? I’m listening…


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