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Snapchat Introduces a New Ad Unit for Ecommerce Advertisers

Snapchat is rolling out Dynamic Ads – new ad unit designed specifically for Ecommerce advertisers.

“Over the years, Snap has invested heavily in solutions for performance marketers to drive their business, and this new addition will only increase the depth of our offering.”

What Dynamic Ads offer that Snapchat’s other advertising options do not is automated personalization, which offers new ways to scale and drive performance.

Snapchat is selling the ad unit as a simple way to create mobile ads at scale while maintaining brand identity through mobile-first templates.

Further benefits of Dynamic Ads include:

  • High quality creative: Easily choose from templates designed to showcase products visually, making ads look native to the platform, without the need for any design skills.
  • Improved return: Save time on manually creating ads and spend more time focused on growing your business.
  • Increased ad relevance: Sync a product catalog, select an audience for prospecting or re-engagement, and let Snap’s system deliver the ad in real-time.

Syncing a product catalog allows Snapchat to be continually updated about changes to products. That means, as changes to products occur (i.e. price or availability), the ads will adjust accordingly so you can run ‘always-on’ campaigns.

Snapchat points out how brands that are already using Dyanmic Ads have seen positive results so far:

”When using Dynamic Ads, online fashion boutique Princess Polly saw early successes with a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 171% increase in ROAS, compared to their similar pixel campaign simultaneously running the US.”

Dynamic Ads will be in open beta starting in the coming weeks, for advertisers targeting users in the United States. Additional countries will be supported in the coming months.

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Snapchat Introduces a New Ad Unit for Ecommerce Advertisers

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