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Skimlinks Launches New API Suite to Simplify Content Monetization

skimlinks launches api

skimlinks launches api

Skimlinks, a leading content monetization platform, attracted substantial media last month related to Pinterest’s use of their product. Now, the innovative affiliate company has launched a new API suite that will enable startups to quickly monetize websites.  The new Skimlinks API has the following features that businesses can use to simplify and enhance the monetization process:

Link API:
This API, which uses the core Skimlink technology, makes it easy for publishers to quickly monetize links on a website or app by easily turning normal links and product references into affiliate links. As a result of this API, publishers will not have to install JavaScript.

Reporting API:
The new Reporting API, which is still in beta, will provide up-to-the-minute analytics related to commissions and earnings. This service, which is free for most Skimlinks users, will allow publishers to easily segment reports and determine which pages or products are generating commissions. The data found in the report will help companies understand their customers’ behavior.

Product API:
The Product API, which was formerly named EveryFeed, provides a real-time product search that returns filtered results in XML or JSON. Since the results are returned in these formats, website developers can easily customize the design of the site. In addition, the URLs in the Product API are natural merchant URLs and the user can see where the link will take them.

Merchant API:
The Merchant API, which is only available to high-volume publishers, can be used to filter the links that are pushed through Skimlinks on the basis of merchant name or category.

Andrew Warner, a serial entrepreneur and the president of Mixergy, recently said the following regarding Skimlinks ability to help startups generate revenue:

“Skimlinks is an inspiring story of a discovery of a way of generating revenue for entrepreneurs that’s going to help companies grow. There will be entrepreneurs in the future who will say, ‘because of Skimlinks I was able to build this business. It wouldn’t be around otherwise.’”

The Skimlinks monetization platform, which can provide an immediate revenue stream for new businesses, processes 110 million clicks a month for over 700,000 sites. If you are a publisher or are involved with a startup, this innovative company and the new API are worthy of consideration.

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Skimlinks Launches New API Suite to Simplify Content Monetization

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