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Skaffe Directory Offers $2 Submittals – Today Only

Skaffe Directory Offers $2 Submittals – Today Only

For yesterday and today only Skaffe, the web directory, is offering $2 express submittals of web sites into their categorical listings. Skaffe usually charges $39.95 for a 24 hour site review but the $2 discount is part of their 2 year anniversary celebration.

Once one pays the minimal $2 fee, Skaffe editors will review the site’s category, title, description and relevance for inclusion in the directory. After scrolling down the Skaffe homepage I found this blurb “We process all new submissions using Google Sitemaps daily.” Interesting use of Google Sitemaps as a marketing tactic.

Skaffe is a directory that’s been around for a while now and if you’re looking to build links to a web site, Skaffe may be right up your alley. Like DMOZ and other directories, Skaffe could be considered by some search engines as a authority directory, being spidered daily for new links and site listings.

By the way, it should be noted that Skaffe enjoys a Google PageRank of 6, not much for an authority directory site… but we also know that Larry PageRank should also be taken with a grain of salt. I’ll be interested to see if their PageRank increases next quarter after all the links from this $2 promotion.

If you’d like to save $2 for a pack of bubble yum and a diet coke, then you can always become a Skaffe editor and submit your site for free “By joining, you become a member of the online community. Each member is an editor — one who explains, organizes and exhibits a particular part, or parts, of the directory for others to use. You would be charged with the responsibility to add and categorize sites, edit site titles and description listings, and rate sites within the directory.”

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Skaffe Directory Offers $2 Submittals – Today Only

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