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Site Speed May Soon Affect Google Page Ranking

Site Speed May Soon Affect Google Page Ranking

In a recent interview with Google Engineer Matt Cutts, Web Pro News is reporting that Matt  may have hinted on the future of how Google may  rank websites. And guess what? It has something to do with how fast a website actually loads.

During the interview Matt told Web Pro News:

“I think a lot of people in 2010 are going to be thinking more about ‘how do I have my site be fast,’ how do I have it be rich without writing a bunch of custom javascript?'”

Of course it is a given that the speed by which your sites load matters a lot to your visitors. Slow loading sites drive away potential visitors while fast loading sites encourage them to stay longer on your site. And this is what Google has been advocating recently – making the Internet experience of users a little bit faster.

It is not yet clear how Google is going to implement site ranking based on site speed, if indeed there is such a plan.

But just in case it pushes through – are you ready for some site speed optimization? SSO side by side with SEO might just be the norm in the coming days, don’t you think so?

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Site Speed May Soon Affect Google Page Ranking

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