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Site Specific Optimization Tips from Google Adsense

Google Adsense started sending out monthly optimization tips to Adsense publishers. These tips are the result of the Adsense system’s analysis of individual publisher accounts and settings. You can view these tips in the Reports tab of your Adsense account.


Actually, these tips are culled from the Adsense Help Center. What the system does is to send out blog specific tips depending on how it analyzes the blog’s current settings and configuration. For instance I checked out my main blog and found an optimization tip about reducing my accounts filter lists.

Dear Publisher,

Here is your optimization report for the month of April. After an automatic review of your sites, we think you might be able to improve your monetization using the following tips:

You may be filtering ads that monetize well on your site.
How can I fix this? Dismiss this tip.

We hope these tips are helpful, and encourage you to experiment using different layouts and formats–no two sites monetize the same way!

Honestly, this is a not so useful feature for experienced Adsense optimizers. But for newbies in the field of Adsense monetization and optimization, this would be very helpful and would save them time reading the optimization tips at the Adsense Help Center one by one.

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Site Specific Optimization Tips from Google Adsense

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