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Site Banned in Yahoo Search? Just Pay Yahoo Search Marketing!

Site Banned in Yahoo Search? Just Pay Yahoo Search Marketing!

Looks like Yahoo Search has an interesting loophole or lack of communication between the quality control at the Search division and the Search Submit sales department at Yahoo Search Marketing.

According to a discussion in Search Engine Watch Forums, a member had his site banned by Yahoo Search and was denied reinclusion into their search index.

He then submitted his site to Yahoo Search Submit, their paid inclusion service which is now run by Yahoo Search Marketing. Search Submit guarantees inclusion into their index, data can be sent by a feed service, and that sites are crawled often.

So, Search Submit accepted their site, even though Yahoo Search banned it.

Barry, who covered the story on Search Engine Roundtable, says that Yahoo Search & Yahoo Search Marketing both should follow the same quality content guidelines.

I agree. If a site is banned by the organic search arm of Yahoo, Ask, Google or Microsoft Search, then each company’s search marketing division (independently, not together) should also take a deep look into these sites and reconsider or ban their efforts to run a paid search campaign.

Of course, sites can be banned for different reasons. But deliberate spamming of organic should carry over some kind of penalty in paid search. Your thoughts?

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Loren Baker

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