Simple, Effective, Opportunities; What Does Guest Blogging Offer?

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Simple, Effective, Opportunities; What Does Guest Blogging Offer?

OpportunitiesThere is often a problem when it comes to sharing SEO techniques online; people don’t want to.

However those people that only believe in taking from others will soon realize that reciprocating generosity will go in their favor both with their clientele, other Internet users and more importantly the search engines.

With so much resource online, it can be too easy to see everyone as competition that must be beaten to the top spot, but we’re all in the same industry and with shared knowledge comes better results for everyone involved.

So, where am I leading with this? Well, as you may know I’m not the owner of this blog, so how have I managed to get a post on here?

If you haven’t yet heard, Guest Blogging is so 2010 and the kind owner of this blog has found that sharing has its benefits. They’ve allowed quality writers (ah thank you) to increase the content on their blog and share new and innovative ideas with their committed readers.

So what does guest blogging offer for all of the people involved and how can this enhance anyone’s SEO campaign?

The Writer; obvious benefits include-

  • Exposure for their own personal profile. Having a name attached to a blog read by a different audience is only going to enhance your online presence and may also lead to other opportunities.
  • Writing something different. I’ve found that writing for other people’s blog can come slightly easier. Maybe this is to do with reading varied content also published by guest writers or just the eagerness to please, whatever it is, I seem more content with my first draft when guest blogging.
  • Linking isn’t the be all and end all, however you may be extra lucky to find a blog that will allow you a link back to a relevant page of your website. The benefits of this are apparent but this should not be expected.
  • Writing takes up enough of your time, but what about the distribution, and exposure? Fortunately, if you choose an already established blog or one which is generous enough to offer you these services then the writing becomes a piece of cake.
  • Company exposure is expected when it come to Guest Blogging and who online doesn’t want that? If you’re fortunate enough to find a blogger who allows you a little self promotion in the form of an ‘About Author’ section, then count yourself lucky and don’t use this is an advantage to write another 500 word piece on yourself!
  • Finally but very importantly, guest blogging may result in copious amount of Tweets which creates even more exposure for both your post and yourself.

So this is just some of what the writer achieves from putting together an original and high quality guest post, but you may be thinking what is really in it for the blogger?

Well, more than you may think!

  • Whether you enjoy writing for your blog or not, ideas can dry up, so it is important to keep your options open and welcome your blog as a platform for other writers. Variety is key and with blogging this is definitely the case so open up the doors and let others take the limelight; you’ll definitely see the benefit
  • By asking others to contribute to your blog you will have far more to offer your visitors. Whether they are revisiting or looking at your blog for the first time, diversity will be what they are looking for so have featured authors if people are willing to write for you on a regular basis.
  • Of course with more visitors comes more site exposure for you. Also, those that have contributed will likely tweet their post, yet it’s your site that gets that authority. It’s important to remember that you’re in control of what you post, so make sure you only have on your website what you want to be associated with.
  • No guest blogger will expect you to post their article without including an internal link for your own benefit (and if they do, they don’t deserve their post on your website). This provides an opportunity for link building without any of the hard work whatsoever; win-win.
  • Any blogger knows how important it is to constantly update your blog so having others take the time to do it for you, allows time to be spent on other parts of your SEO campaign. When one aspect is taken care of, there may be other aspects that could have more attention paid to them and improve your online exposure.
  • Similar to point one, having a different perspective to what you believe on your website offers a controlled conflict as well as a talking point. This in turn creates interest amongst readers and makes your blog a place that can be revisited. Having different opinions and ideas also allows you to learn a lot more about your industry with tips and advice at your own disposal.

So there you have it. Two very detailed arguments for why Guest Blogging is a win-win for all those involved. There are few ways in which something in SEO can help both contributing parties, so next time someone approaches you in regards to sharing content via your website, be conscious of just what this means for both you and the writer.

It can pay to be generous online and it doesn’t go unnoticed; by anyone.

Jenny Pilley

Jenny Pilley

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