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Shift in Google Webmaster Communications?

Shift in Google Webmaster Communications?

Shift in Google Webmaster Communications?

A Webmaster World thread questions the possible shift by Google in its open communications with webmasters, especially in forums. Seems that some out there feel that the company has become a bit more cautious in announcing updates or explaining new algorithmic changes since it became public.

I wonder if this WMW member ever reads the Matt Cutts blog, which seems to consolidate such information from one authority source?

I have noticed in recent months a remarkable shift in the way Google employees communicate with the webmasters communities.

For one reason or the other the Googlers have stopped posting weather reports about the new infrastructure. No more posts explaining critical changes on the serps. No more talking about specific DCs as they use to do. No more chat when it comes to Google serps and possible changes which are so clear and obvious to even novice webmasters. The only thing we have been hearing is the famous “Data Refresh”.

Of course, one of the reasons for the shift in Google’s communication policy mightbe the continuous trouble the Googles are into since the deploy of BigDaddy.. “if you have no good news..keep quite”.

If its true that the Googlers have decided not to talk to us anymore about the serps, DCs and possible filters, algo changes and announcing possible updates. Do those same Googlers deserve to be invited anymore to the webmasters conferences and meetings, for example?

What will be the consequences of Google shift in Google-Webmasters communication policy?

And a response from trinorthlighting:

I think there are two reasons for that.

1. Legal repercussions, lets face it, if a Google employee divulges too much information about the algo, imagine the lawsuits that could fly.

2. Complaining and whining webmasters. Take a look at the forums, matt’s blog, and other forums. I see a lot of people who whine and complain about Google yet their own sites are not in order. I saw that even Brett made a post last week about it.

There are very few of us old timers who actually get on here and post good information and a lot more complainers and whiners. After all, is this forum here to troubleshoot websites and share ideas and experiences?

May be if webmaster world moderators would start cracking down on these “Google sucks” and “Google is spam” type of posts, may be googleguy and Adam would post more. I am more than sure that they read and hear enough complaints during the day and really do not want to come to webmaster world and read more.

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Shift in Google Webmaster Communications?

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