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Setting Up Systems to Scale Up Your Link Building

Link building is something that every web site owner must fit into their Internet marketing plan. It is essential because it is the backbone for getting your web site to rank high in the search engines. There are a ton of different routes that you can go with your link building plan, but whatever the route you choose there is usually one common factor: Link building is all about developing online relationships with other web sites. Keeping track of these relationships can get very messy, and you will find that you will spend a lot more time organizing these relationships than you will during the actual link building part. This makes link building very difficult to scale up.

The Solution: Use Your Email to Get Organized

There is a solution, and it comes with automating the organizational part of link building using a number of different tools. Without automating some of your routine activities that take up way to much time you will never be able to execute a link building plan as efficiently as you should. The first thing you need to do is to start with the tool that you use every day: Your email.

First of all you should have a separate email address that you use when you go on your link building campaign. This is because there are some types of link building methods where you will be working strictly out of your email, and you don’t want everything getting cluttered with your regular daily email address. Your email should be divided into folders, or as GMail calls them – labels. Good titles for these labels can be things like “Link Accepted”, “Link Rejected”, “Under Review”, “Priority”, “Resources”, and “Fee Included.”

The point of these labels is that every single time you will ever have to call on an email, you will know exactly right where it is. This allows you to send hundreds of emails without your inbox ever being cluttered and unorganized. This simple method will save you a ton of time, and will be one key factor on how you will be able start scaling up. The point of organizing your email this way is that you will be able to sync it up with another key factor that involves using another tool: Link Management Software.

Two Other Tools That Are Key for Success

Link management software is what will allow you to keep track of your online relationships without ever having to make another spreadsheet, document, or using too many memory cells in your brain again. Not only does a program like this keep track of your relationships, but it organizes them in numerous amounts of ways.

It will identify it by things like page rank, overall rating, provide contact information, social media information, link status, and you will be able to customize details any way you like – all in one central location. This fully automates organizing your online contacts, and it will allow you to communicate with many different web sites at a much faster pace. A lot of Internet marketing companies use link management software to provide a one way link building service.

The next thing you will have to develop a system for is getting all of the work you need to be done – done. Collaborating with others can be very time consuming as well, and to automate this process you will need an internal collaborating system.

An internal collaborating system will allow you and everyone working for you to collaborate on projects in one central location on the Internet. It does this by allowing you to assign tasks, set milestones, and create databases – as well as create work-spaces and projects. Developing a system with your employees will allow you to eliminate the time you have to spend on the phone or through email explaining every aspect of a project.

If you use the tools that can be provided for you, you will be one step closer to being to operate a link building campaign on a very high scale. The resources you build up along the way will also be equally as valuable, because once you build a solid network of relationships, you will be able to use them over and over again for any future venture that you ever may ever have.

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Setting Up Systems to Scale Up Your Link Building

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