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Seth Godin’s Knock Knock eBook Review

Seth Godin’s Knock Knock eBook Review

Seth Godin has a new free ebook out called Knock Knock – Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works along with a follow up book about blogging. I haven’t taken the time to download the first eBook, but Jon Payne, Maryland based Search Engine Marketer, has and he’s written up a nice review on his blog.

I think it was a nice basic overview, and a bit of an eye opener. For me, it wasn’t so much a matter of information and ideas that I didn’t know – I came into it already agreeing with what he said – but rather it was a clear smack in the back of the head to tell me to stop thinking those things and actually do them.

I can honestly say I’ve never read a Seth Godin book, nor do I think I will before I pick up John Batelle’s The Search. However, Seth, who turned the word ‘viral marketing’ into a household phrase, is the Jose Canseco of web marketing – as controversial as he may seem he always seems to hit a home run.

I have, on the contrary, downloaded Seth Godin’s follow up ebook to Knock Knock, Who’s There, which is centered around the great world of blogs (and has 87 trackbacks on his blog post to date which is a lot). This will be my first Godin eBook read and although at first glance it looks like more of a powerpoint presentation than a book, I’ll be reviewing it on the new Blog Search Engine soon.

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Seth Godin’s Knock Knock eBook Review

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