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SES San Jose Womens Luncheon

SES San Jose Womens Luncheon

For those members of the search marketing community who happen to be of the female variety (and you know who you are!), Liana Evans is holding her traditional SES Women’s Luncheon on Monday August 20th at The Grill on the Alley, located next to the Fairmont Hotel.

It’s nice to see the ladies of search having their get togethers, leaving the excellent new grub which Incisive is sure to be providing at SES San Jose for us boys to enjoy in the conference center. I’m fully expecting some prime rib or roast Cuban pig (with the apple in the mouth, like at SES Miami) this year in San Jose.

I’ll have no qualms asking for seconds and stuffing my SES bag full of apples, diet cokes and potato chips knowing that the ladies of search will all be shelling out $50 a head at The Grill.

Seriously, such get togethers are a staple of SES, as an unofficial networking event or a nice escape from the confines of the conference halls and crowded lounges.

Speaking of lunch, last year Bill Slawski, Dave Zuls, Carsten & I had a nice lunch at The Taqueria, which was a block or two from the Conference Hall, and if anyone’s up for grabbing some mammoth burritos, ice cold iced tea, and incredible guacamole (consider it the Unofficial SES Men’s Luncheon)… leave a comment here. We’ll probably be hitting the Taqueria on Monday or Tuesday.

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SES San Jose Womens Luncheon

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