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SES Miami : Search Marketing to US Hispanic & Latin American Markets

Nacho Hernandez moderates the panel on Tapping into US Hispanics and Latin Americans via Search.

Emerson Calegaretti of Acronym Media

Emerson Calegaretti, the VP of Client Development in Latin America for acronym media is the first to speak. Emerson is based out of Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Emerson first gives an overview of the Latin American market.

  • Latin America, with 549 million people, is a growing economy on the whole and safer for foreign investment.
  • There are 11 million registered corporations in Latin America.
  • There are three major markets in Latin America; Brazil (17%), Mexico (18%) and Argentina (26% penetration).
  • The entire Latin American Internet usage base is half that of the United States.

Latin American Search Engine Market Share (page views):

  • Google : 72%
  • Yahoo : 17%
  • MSN : 2%
  • Local Players (eg, Busca Pe in Brasi) : 9%

Most Active Industries in Latin Search Marketing:

  • Retail
  • Local (Classifieds)
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Automotive

Newspapers are seeing that their traditional audience is leaving their websites and using more of Yahoo & MSN. Therefore, local newspapers are expanding their search marketing across major search channels.

The cost per click price in Latin America is relatively much lower than that of the US.

What would be much more interesting of a number is the comparison of conversion rates. If conversion rates are more or less the same in Latin America, the end result is a high ROI, especially if the product is priced similarly in the Latin market as it is in US or Europe.

Estimate of 5x more search marketing advertisers in the Latin market after 4 years : 100,000 advertisers.

Who are those advertisers?

  1. Direct Marketers and Ad Agencies : Avg. $10 K per month
  2. TeleSales : Avg. $1 K per month
  3. Small Business Advertisers (50% of market) : Avg. $200 per month
  4. Resellers : Avg. $10 per month

Jack Flanagan, Executive VP of ComScore Networks

Jack looks at search activity on the global basis and then digs down in to the Latin Market, then the US Hispanic market.

Global Search : 1.1 Million Searches per Minute
Search Share per region:

  • Asia : 35%
  • Europe : 28%
  • North America : 24%
  • Latin America : 7%
  • Africa : 4%
  • US Hispanic : 2%

Latin American search growth is at 16%, second only to the Middle East.

Online search penetration : US Hispanic market is highly penetrated with 89% of population using search. A little higher than total US population.

Who are US Hispanics? I mean, how are these companies considering who is US Hispanic and who is not?

  • Users tend to be younger.
  • Smaller households.
  • 49% speak Spanish fluently.

US Hispanic Market more engaged in terms of consumption of content : 25% more pages viewed and more time online.

Searches per searcher : Columbia, Brazil & Argentina are almost double that of the US. This is probably because of the newness and growth of Internet usage in these countries.

Sarah Carberry of Google

Sarah Carberry, Manager of Multicultural Development at Google, talks about Search Marketing to the Latin market.

  • US Hispanics Use Internet more than Watch TV
  • 51% US Hispanic adults view web in Spanish
  • US Hispanics are searching for products and companies who target this demographic
  • Google Trends shows that searching in Spanish in on the rise in the US

Top Hispanic Search Regions in the US (based upon searching in Spanish):

  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. New Jersey
  4. California
  5. Arizona
  6. Washington DC
  7. New York
  8. Nevada
  9. Connecticut
  10. Utah

How to Target US Hispanics for Search :

Sarah talks about the different types of US Hispanics and they way they search. Advertisers have to keep this in mind, as younger US Hispanics (especially 2nd and 3rd generation) have much different search and online behavior than older generations.

  • Set both English & Spanish as the target languages on both Google and Google Espanol
  • Contextually relevant messages via AdSense (MySpace, MySpace Espanol, International Spanish Sites which are Google partners, with ad campaigns geotargeted to US audience)
  • Local Advertising via Google Maps to High US Hispanic Areas

Rafael Jimenez, GM, Advertising & Publisher Group, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas

Rafael’s background is with Yahoo and TeleRespondo, now he looks over the entire Latin American market for Yahoo. Rafael speaks about the success of Social Search in the Latin region.

20 Million users in the Latin American region have registered with Yahoo Answers in less than a year. Yahoo feels that this reflects the engagement and curiousity of the Latin Market. In the Latin market there is a 45% penetration for cellular phone companies and the usage of the mobile web, which is reflective of the increasing youth usgae in the US Hispanic & Latin market. Yahoo’s Latin portals also integrate Yahoo Answers information into traditional search results.

Rafael also states that Yahoo will be launching the new Yahoo! Search Marketing Panama interface in Brazil this July. The new Y!SM is also expected to be integrated into the European market soon (remember, many Latin users read sites published via Spanish and Portuguese companies).

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SES Miami : Search Marketing to US Hispanic & Latin American Markets

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