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2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

Learn the latest trends in SERP features and best practices you need to know in order to succeed in today's markets.

2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

Do you know which SERP features are trending in your industry?

Is your business showing up in those SERP features?

Are you optimizing for the factors that will generate the most traffic?

The competition for prime real estate on Google’s search results page is fierce.

On February 23, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Gerald Murphy, Senior Solution Business Manager at Similarweb.

Murphy showed the latest SERP feature trends and best practices you need to know to succeed in today’s markets.

Here is a quick summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form.

Learn The Different Key Search Engine Behaviors

Humans have complex search behaviors. These behaviors are seen when anyone searches on a search engine.

Google’s goal to provide a user-friendly experience takes these behaviors into consideration.

This consideration is one of the reasons why SERP features exist.

To excel in search, it is essential to know what these search behaviors mean:

  • Thrashing.
  • Pogosticking.
  • Pearl Growing.
  • Expand.
  • Narrow.
  • Quit.

[Find out what search behavior means] Instantly access the webinar →

What Influences Search?

SERP features help drive better results so search engine users can find the right information fast.

In addition to human behaviors, here are the factors that influence search:

  • Income, education, and health.
  • Location.
  • Gender.
  • Age.

[Get more information on each factor] Instantly access the webinar →

Understand Global Search Trends: U.S. Vs. U.K. SERP Behavior

Similarweb set out to find trends, top SERP features, if it changed by device and if there was a different trend for branded vs. non-branded.

They analyzed 88.6T keywords 27 SERP Features and looked into 12 industries for this analysis.

Trends that are significantly growing in the U.S. & U.K.:

  • Increased number of SERP features.
  • More keywords triggering SERP features.
  • More brand keywords triggering SERP features.
  • More non-brand keywords triggering SERP features.
  • Higher number of keywords triggering SERP features by device.

If you aren’t looking at SERP features, you might miss out on a massive opportunity because Google is increasing them significantly.

As a business, it’s time to start thinking about the features you want to optimize and mobile as a strategy.

[SERP Features = Trending. Learn How To Claim This Growth.] Instantly access the webinar →

Know Your Top SERP Features: Top 10 SERP Features In The US & UK

By looking at the top SERP Features in a country-specific manner like the U.S. & U.K., you’ll get insight into what’s needed in your strategy to be successful.

Top 10 Serp Features US UKSimilarweb, February 2022

Remember to analyze SERP features by market regularly because they change continuously.

Top Tips For SERP Feature Optimization

To start, map out who your five largest competitors are and use that info to find out the most prominent SERP features those competitors are ranking for.

Then, begin optimizing to dominate those SERP features.

Here are tips to optimize for different SERP features:

“Related Questions” Tips

  • Use unique content: Ensure you do not have any duplicate, similar or thin content issues.
  • Leverage a keyword generator: Enhance content with keywords related to topics that trigger related questions.
  • Aim to be included in content hubs: Become an authority on relevant, related topics.

“Instant Answers” Tips

  • Use unique content: Ensure you do not have duplicate, similar or thin content issues.
  • Utilize semantics: Use semantic keywords in your content and HTML (e.g. H2s).
  • Create quality content: Answer the question in the first paragraph. Related queries should be answered implicitly or explicitly.
  • Stay topic-focused: Focus on where you specialize in so you can win (e.g., internal links).

[Discover Tips For 3 More SERP Features] Instantly access the webinar →

Key Takeaways

  • We have many SERP behaviors. SERP features exist to help us find quality information as quickly as possible.
  • While US and UK SERP features are growing, they are very different. International brands need to have country-specific content marketing strategies to win in their market.
  • Identify what your top opportunities are and apply best practice optimization to succeed.

[Slides] 2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

Here’s the presentation:

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2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

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