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SEOMoz Page Strength Tool : Replacing Google PageRank?

SEOMoz Page Strength Tool : Replacing Google PageRank?

SEOMoz has put together a new tool which Rand & Co. feel can “replace the often inaccurate and infrequently updated Google PageRank score in the toolbar.” SEOMoz has consolidated various metrics used to judge site value, visibility and SEO strength into one easy to use tool which hopefully will have a Firefox extension in the near future.

In an effort to make a better site and search engine importance measurement tool, SEOMoz Page Strength is pulling in linking info from Yahoo, pages indexed in Google, domain age, links from .edu and government sites, Alexa Traffic Rank (which does not seem to be working), Google PageRank, DMOZ and Wikipedia listings, and domain visibility.

I’ve found the rankings of my own sites to be accurate, especially those which have not achieved Google PageRank to date because of their newness and recommend giving SEOMoz Page Strength a spin.

More from SEOMoz:

“SEOmoz’s Page Strength tool is intended to serve as an alternative to Google’s PageRank score in the toolbar, offering insight into how valuable, important and popular a site or page is as compared to others on the web. If a particular page is on a very popular domain, it may be considered more important than if it’s on a domain that doesn’t receive much attention and, likewise, the homepage (or root URL) of a domain will often be considerably more popular/important than an internal page buried deep in the site’s architecture. In many cases, data may not be entirely accurate, as the search engines and other sources that provide information fluctuate.

Data about a URL in the tool is cached for 72 hours (3 days), so requesting the same information about a website in that period will not retrieve updated information. This tool is not designed to provide professional reporting or be used as an authoritative source of research about a site or page. When SEO/M professionals analyze a site, they are likely to use dozens or hundreds of additional pieces of data.”

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SEOMoz Page Strength Tool : Replacing Google PageRank?

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