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SEOmoz Out of the Google Sandbox

SEOmoz Out of the Google Sandbox

Rand FishkinRand Fishkin has announced that like many sites which benefitted from the current Google ‘Jagger’ updates, SEOmoz has now escaped the Google Sandbox. It has been 9 months since Rand moved his site to the URL and despite over 12,000 natural links from other sites, SEOmoz was only getting 10 or so referrals from Google a day.

Rand writes : “We’re doing better. We don’t yet rank for any big money terms, but Google’s sent about 100 visitors per day to us, as opposed to the 10-20 they’ve been sending over the past 9 months. If you’ve got a happy sandbox escaping story, please share.

One reader question is how did Rand get so many natural links to SEOmoz over such a short period of time. By natural, I’m assuming that Rand did not buy any of these links nor trade reciprocal links with any sites. In the post Rand says that he has “link-baited” SEOmoz.

So what’s Link Baiting? Link baiting is generally described as giving site owners something useful to link to. Rand has built numerous tools on SEOmoz which have attracted the links and interest of multiple web master. Those search tools include a Keyword Difficulty Tool, Link Pricing Tool, Sandbox Detection Tool, and Rank Check Tool.

Link Bait is not restricted to SEO related websites. If you’re looking to attract links from sites within your industry, just think of and create something useful enough for such other industry sites to link to yours. Some webmasters have even built new web sites such as vertical search engines or blogs to attract links with, then channel that tool’s independent link value to their own site.

Have some examples of Link Bait? Then please share them with us below.

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SEOmoz Out of the Google Sandbox

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