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SEOmoz Launches SEO Video Training Series

SEOmoz Launches SEO Video Training Series

SEO training has not gone the way of the late night infomercial (yet!), but SEOmoz is offering the next best thing; a downloadable series of SEO training sessions on video. The professionally produced video series was filmed at an SEOmoz seminar in Seattle and is now available for basic SEO training of yourself, your staff, or if you just want to listen to Rand and company talk search all day.

This seven-hour, eight module, professionally produced series is ideal for those who are serious about improving their SEO knowledge and search engine rankings. Learn what the pros know; apply the knowledge immediately; reap the rewards of improved search rankings.

The eight downloadable training modules in this series go far beyond the standard presentations you’ll find at conferences and in many other training products. These modules are based on corporate training presentations given by SEOmoz CEO, Rand Fishkin, to major companies.

The seven hour video series is available at SEOmoz for $399, and $199 for SEOmoz PRO members. More info on the SEO videos from SEOmoz.

SEOmoz Launches SEO Video Training SeriesBTW, I was really really hoping that these videos would be available via a DVD box set or something I could grasp onto, but they are only downloadable for the time being. Sure, users can burn their own DVD’s of the series, but having an official box set of training videos (with the inlay and plastic shrinkwrap) from the SEOmoz crew would rock.

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SEOmoz Launches SEO Video Training Series

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