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Writing daily on SEO and social media can be trying and there come a time when you’re not feeling so creative. I have often wondered what I can do with that fabulous content I have written for a site, or even take someone’s idea and expand further on the topic at hand. Sure, the last thing I want to do is get kicked of the SERP train for duplicate content, but there are ways you can take what you have created and turn it into something else. Here are insights that can help you be productive on a day when your brain is not.

  • Slide Share: Have a really cool article on 7 Steps to Turn Your Site into a Link Magnet, well then go ahead and turn it into a PowerPoint Presentation and post it on Slide Share. Slide Share is a great site where you can post and find presentations. This site also lets you add audio, so if you feel that one your topic would be best expressed with sound, then go ahead and turn it into and audio presentation.

  • E-Book: Have you written a really cool post for article syndication? Well, take that idea, expand on it, and create a PDF e-book. You can then post it on your site so visitors will have something they can use. If you add a form and get your visitors e-mail addresses, before they download, you can let them know next time you have a great product or e-book. This will also be a good start for you to start collecting data for your SEO efforts.
  • Podcasting: Podcasting is yet another medium one can use if trying to repurpose content. Any article or blog that you deem relevant can be turned into a podcast and then post it on i-tunes. The fact that you will have a voice for the topic at hand means that you can turn it into not only educational, but also it can be entertaining and amusing.
  • Video: Finally, one other place you can take your content and turn it into another medium is video. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or UStream are all place where you can turn your post into another medium that you can post elsewhere.

So, if you’re passionate about a post you’ve created then turn it into other forms. You can then post them on different sites, so more people can share the wealth of knowledge you have.

Victoria is an Internet Marketing Specialist for LinkShare Corporation. She works on Search Engine Optimization for various proprietary sites, one of which is

Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards has been working in SEO and Social Media for eight years and currently works for GuideWell, a health and wellness e-commerce startup, based... Read Full Bio
Victoria Edwards
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  • Chuck Palm

    Great article, good advice…I escpecially like the comments about podcasting! Very smart stuff, thanks for the tips!

  • Mike Volpe – HubSpot

    The podcasting comment makes a lot of sense – that’s exactly what we try do to with our HubSpot TV podcast

  • The Style PA

    I have been toying with a couple of these ideas for a while. This article has given me the kick up the backside to get them moving.

  • Victoria

    Your team at HubSpot is a big inspiration for this post! I have learned from the best:)

  • Jennifer Snyder

    N ice post!

  • DocuMaker

    These are good ideas. However I would stress using existing content as a springboard for furthering concepts. I wrote 101 things to do with PLR content (, and experience has taught me ‘new stuff’ trumps ‘reformatted stuff’ everytime.

  • Agent SEO

    Thanks for the great ideas. I have a ton of content that I want to write about, but I often wonder what happens when I’m done writing that content? Where do I go from there?

    This just reinforces the idea that it’s okay to re-write or re-emphasize a topic, especially in SEO.

  • Scott Dylan

    Great bunch of ideas!

    Scott Dylan

  • Jenny

    Re-writing is what gives old ideas a new prospective. Peoples are finding new tools and methods to improving their SEO but I think that it is refreshing to have a new opinions on older methods for people to think about and re evaluate.

  • nike dunk

    ok, i will do , post them on different websites.

  • website. designer in mumbai

    Thanks a lot …. this will really be very helpful and the matter of the fact is the whole content fall so smoothly at place …. make it very readable …. appreciate the effort.

  • deakaz

    very interesting post, I think the podcasting/video posting would be the best way to go because it always drives alot of traffic. Ive heard people talking about recycling their content but wasn’t to sure about how to do it. Thanks.