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SEO Top Trumps: Know Who To Follow

SEO Top Trumps: Know Who To Follow

With the vast amount of SEO content available on the Internet, how do you know what is valuable, what is relevant, who is knowledgeable, and ultimately in learning from others, who to follow? Let’s face facts: there is a lot of information out there and sadly, some of it is not good. That’s why it is vitally important to make sure you are listening to those who know their stuff, those who have years of experience, those who have been in the trenches.

Use this SEO Top Trumps infographic, designed by the folks over at Wildfire Digital, to help you decide who’s worth following and learning from and who is not. Follow these seasoned veterans, learn from them and improve your online success. And while this is a pretty good set of individuals, many of whom I know personally, if you feel there are other SEO professionals who are also well worth following, please by all means point them out in the comments.

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With no further ado, I give you “SEO Top Trumps: Know the Industry. Know Who To Follow.”

[Click here for full size version]

SEO Top Trumps: Know Who To Follow


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