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The Key To SEO Success: Effortless Expectation Setting [Podcast]


Can’t you just call Google and tell them we want to be on the first page?

We just changed keyword strategies last week. Where is our uptick in traffic?

I’ve just read an article that says we should do x, y, z, and now I’m the expert. Sound familiar?

Whether you’re at an SEO agency or in-house, it can feel challenging to set and keep SEO expectations in check with reality.

Helping non-SEO pros understand your long plays is easier said than done – or is it?

Grant Simmons, Director of SEO at ClickFluent Consulting, joined me recently to discuss how to position yourself as the thought leader for your department, clients, and shareholders and stay positive.

There’s that disconnect between what agencies think about in-house people. –Grant Simmons, 10:49

Make sure expectations are met. That’s essentially the job, and you sell it. You make sure people understand what was sold, and you make sure they know what they’re going to get, and then you have to deliver it. And if you can’t deliver it, as I said before, communication is key, just letting them know when. –Grant Simmons, 7:15

There are a lot of folks I know that are independent SEOs or consultants that get a contract. They do the audit, and they’re done. There’s no value there. I mean, there’s some value that may be in the audit itself. Still, the ability to continuously keep communication going is gone. –Loren Baker, 8:14

[00:00] – Grant’s background in search marketing.
[05:00] – What Grant has learned on the agency side helped him in-house and vice versa.
[18:29] – Tips for anyone looking to transition from consultant or agency to in-house.
[21:41] – Why Grant hired multiple agencies & tips for handling them.
[26:02] – Opportunities in media & non-digital partnerships.
[28:32] – The example of
[41:25] – How to assess the ROI from an agency.
[44:36] – Recommendations for agencies before signing on to projects.
[47:46] – How important is it to focus on local SEO?
[50:00] – Does Grant believe in pilot programs or Requests For Proposals (RFP)?
[59:29] – Grant’s favorite acronym.
[1:04:48] – Words of wisdom to anyone in the job market.

I’d be really rich if I were paid a million dollars for my million-dollar ideas. So your idea is only worth the time coming up with that. –Grant Simmons, 55:32

If you are in-house, listen to your agency. If you’re an agency, do what’s best for your client, and if that means that you can’t implement it as you said, you just tell them to know you’re not going to. –Grant Simmons, 37:53

Empowering your clients to understand what should be prioritized and how that project has come about is from understanding their expectations. It means tailoring what you pitch to them to ensure that it aligns and letting them choose from ideas prioritized toward the outcomes they want. The outcomes they can justify internally to give you more work. It’s the great thing about being an SEO, and you don’t have to understand your client’s business 100%; you just have to understand what your client needs from SEO for that business. –Grant Simmons, 38:32

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Connect with Grant Simmons:

Grant’s expertise in SEO is unparalleled. He has an extensive background that includes roles with major companies like Clickfluent and Homes.

Throughout his 35-year career in marketing, Grant has focused on digital channels and collaborative SEO. His performance-based successes allow him to work with local companies and global ones for both small businesses looking at optimization needs and large corporations that need assistance managing their search engine rankings.

He also describes himself as an ex-pat with a funny accent.

​​Connect with Grant on LinkedIn:
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Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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The Key To SEO Success: Effortless Expectation Setting [Podcast]

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