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SEO & Social Media : Are You Willing to be Consistent?

So this question has been on my mind for a while now, “Are you willing to be Consistent?”  I mean really ask yourself this question.  If you are not willing to be consistent in your Marketing, SEO, and Social Media efforts, then you need to reevaluate your career or success.  Consistency, in my mind, is the key in life and especially in your marketing strategies.

So many times I hear people saying that they tried everything they could.  The truth is they probably were on the right track or at least on the path, but they gave up early and were not steady in their efforts.

Anything worthwhile and lasting with online marketing takes time and effort. Can we get results in a day or even a couple of hours?  Sure, but will these results be to our benefit and be there for the long haul, most likely not.

Just because I am writing this article about consistency doesn’t mean that I am perfectly consistent, in fact I am not.  But I have found in the aspects of my life that I am consistent I am very successful.  I, therefore, strive daily to be as consistent as I can be.

Consistency means you are willing to continue and endure on a regular basis.  It doesn’t mean you will be perfect in your efforts.  So when you begin a marketing campaign for yourself or a client, keep notes or a daily journal of every effort you made for that certain campaign.  Each day after you keep tabs on what went on, ask yourself the simple question, “am I being consistent?”   Be specific with your question to yourself, for example, “was I consistent with my AYZ SEO project today?”

Search engine or social media optimization is not that difficult when you really look at it, but hey, neither is brain surgery if you have studied and are willing to understand it.  A brain surgeon, much like an SEO, is successful if they stay firm in their efforts to act on the knowledge they have.  Most of the time they are successful in their attempts, but once in a while they fail.

The same can be understood with our industry.  Most of the time if we stick to the basics and are unfailing in the process then we will succeed.  There are times when we fall short, but it is when we are consistent that we find our jobs to be fulfilling and effective.

So here are some things that I believe you need in order to be consistent:

  • Stick to the basics.
  • Be willing to work.
  • Build a process that works for you, and then follow it.
  • Make improvements to your process overtime.
  • Stay firm.
  • Keep a journal of your daily efforts.
  • If you get off track, get back on.
  • Never Give Up.

Whether it is SEO, Social Media, or Marketing, or life itself, it is ultimately up to you to find what helps you and your company become unwavering in the daily grind efforts.  But if you simply follow your laid out plan, improve that plan or process in due time, and tracking the course consistently, then I know for a fact you will become the person you want to be and will give outstanding value to your market.

The guest article by Garrett Pierson. Follow Garrett on Twitter!

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SEO & Social Media : Are You Willing to be Consistent?

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