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SEO Recap: Twitter Finds This Week, 11/4/11

SEO Recap: Twitter Finds This Week, 11/4/11

Wow, talk about a crazy week! So many fantastic things to read on so many different topics. Below are some of the articles I enjoyed most this week. There are a couple of older posts, but still fantastic and still being tweeted.


Custom Reporting using Google Analytics and Google Docs – The Ultimate Analytics Mashup – SEOmoz

New Look for Places Results On – Search Engine Land

The Ultimate Keyword Sorting and Organization Spreadsheet – Search Engine Guide

Where Did Cached Pages Go On Google? – Search Engine Land

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs – Neil Patel

3 Steps to Social SEO for Your Boring-Ass Clients – Ross Rav, Youmoz

Yes, EVERY Page Needs to Be Optimized– Nick Stamoulis

Eyetracking & SEO: Fad, Fact, Or Fiction? – Shari Thurow, SEL

There’s More To Life Than Links & Sex – Lisa Barone 2009 – Comments still apply today?

– Proof that Google’s Secure Search Now Affects More Users – Seer Interactive

Advanced Google Analytics – Tips and Tricks – Fabian Alvares, Youmoz

Yo! @MCHammer – Break Down These SEO Tips to Launch @WireDoo Search Engine – Yo! Yo! SEO

– A Practical Guide to SERP Profiling – Part 1 = Greg Boser

– A New Way of Looking at Ranking Factors – Danny Sullivan on SEOmoz

Introduction To URL Rewriting – Paul Tero, Smashing Magazine

– SEO WordPress plugin to export commenters and find influencers w/ Domain & Page Authority – Wil Reynolds, SeerInterative

Social Media

– Online Database of Social Media Policies – Social Media Governance


6 Sure Ways to Commit Blog Suicide Part 2 –

Why Does Great Content Fail? – Dr. Pete, SEOmoz


– How Mobile Payments Will Evolve In the Next Several Years -ReadWriteWeb


A CRAP way to improve usability – UserFocus

Dark Patterns: Deception vs. Honesty in UI Design – Harry Brignull


How Facebook Ticker exposing your information & behavior without your knowledge – The Hacker News


Two honest Google employees: our products don’t protect your privacy – Christopher Soghoian

Google Raises Local Search Stakes With New Places SERP – Greg Sterling, SEL

– Google Places Gets A New SERP And Yelp Continues To Win – Matt Sitala

Google Officially Rolls Out Ads At The Bottom Of Search Results – Pamela Parker, SEL

Giving you fresher, more recent search results – Google Blog

– Grow Google Plus Following with Google Search – Travis Campbell

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SEO Recap: Twitter Finds This Week, 11/4/11

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